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Unified Solutions, Inc. Updates e-Insight ERP

September 15, 2008 – Unified Solutions, Inc. has been actively updating and improving our e-Insight ERP solution. Currently we are at version 8.0.7 which includes many new features, forms, capabilities and functions. This includes:

  • Improved Bill of Lading Entry and ASN Generation – faster and easier
  • Enter Direct Ocean Shipment information – vessel, port of entry, etc.
  • Customer Forecast Entry – enter your customer sales forecasts by date, compare received orders to forecast, orders to purchase orders, etc.
  • Ability to use Google Charts and Maps
  • Factoring Invoices – improved ability to change Factoring company, export as EDI or csv.
  • Export shipping carton information for use with UPS Worldship to minimize duplicate keying of data.
  • Many more…

We have selected a few partners to provide functionality for our product that can be considered best of breed, in our opinion. These are companies that focus on a narrow product and do it extremely well, and that we can rely on to provide the professional end result that you expect.

We interface with Loftware’s Print Server for printing UCC-128 and GTIN-14 labels. We currently have label formats for major retailers including K-Mart/Sears, JC Penney, Bed Bath and Beyond, Linen’s N Things, Kohl’s, Fred Meyer, Belk’s and SteinMart to list a few. The print server allows printing to a local warehouse or across country to a warehouse/distribution company that provides shipping services.

Other custom label layouts can be produced using our templates and processes to fill most if not all your labeling requirements. We have printed as small as 1x2 labels to 4x7 JC Penney UCC_128 labels, and almost everything in between

A last advantage of working closely with the Loftware products is that we can convert you to RFID labels when your or your customers require you to start using these labels.

Bills of Lading:
We use the SmartBoL product to print VICS standard Bill of Ladings from our solution. We can also handle master BoL’s and sub BoL’s easily. This 3rd party solution has a clean interface so that we can pass our data to it so that there is no duplicate keying of data, and they maintain the print layout so that you will stay compliant. We use this to print using standard laser printers, and we can print to multiple printers based on your needs.

We selected the FrEDI Pro product from User Friendly Software due to its ease of use, setup and the ability to interface directly with its processes. This minimizes duplicate data entry, and allows us to pass out large ASN data quickly and efficiently in order to meet shipping deadlines for customers.

We handle all the major transaction sets – including 810, 812, 816, 824, 830, 850, 856. 864, 753 and 754. We have set up our interface to directly update the FrEDI tables for all your EDI customers.

User Friendly also provides a high level of expert support and understands the requirements set by various retailers.

We chose Optimum Solutions as our payroll organization because they are specialists in payroll and we can interface our product to theirs. We are not in the business of payroll, but are in the business of providing solid solutions for your business. Optimum meets our requirements of being a company that has a solution better than we could develop on our own. They have lots of experience and the support organization to assist you with your payroll and HR requirements.

Wireless Bar Code Scanners:
We provide support for wireless bar code scanners that run Windows CE. This solution let’s us build menus specific to your needs, and will update your inventory records real time. This interface is provided by VSI Technologies, a company that provides solid technical support and development.

We have positioned our solution and partners to provide a flexible environment. As we see needs to incorporate other 3rd party solutions to our product, we will if it makes sense and provides more functionality than we could develop internally.

Our e-Insight ERP solution has evolved to be able to handle the manufacturing, warehouse and distribution needs of small to medium businesses that ship to retailers, as well as being well suited for other industries with little modification.

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