We provide unique, yet tried and true, tools to build your solutions.

We will work to keep your legacy data, and connect it to technologies such as Java, the Internet and XML so that you can use your data to make sound business decisions.

Our goal is to provide you with tools that will grow and adapt as you build, block by block, your business solutions. Our services include:


Consulting Training
General business consulting, review of IT systems and applications, process improvements to better utilize the eInsight solution, recommendations for future directions. Customized end user and developer training sessions for your programs and applications.

Design Implementation
Work with your staff to design the new software you are requiring. Perform project management to install and implement the application within time budgets.

Programming Web Design
Perform programming for major products such as VB, MS SQL 2000, etc as well as the Revelation Products and IBM UniVerse. Design, layout and publish your enhanced website. We provide the service in partnership with egg media.


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