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Parts for your business are easily assigned and configured. The pricing can be set for the part or by customer using the customer pricing form providing quantity price breaks. Standard and secondary units of measure are assigned on a part by part basis. Part Id’s can be alpha-numeric or segmented.

Inventory/Parts - click to enlargeRaw material items are easily entered including the current cost per unit of measure that is assigned and any discount price that is possible. The part can have lead times, safety stock and max quantities assigned so that you may check results against these standards.

Access to related parts of the system are button clicks away – including Bill of Materials, Inventory Transactions, Routing, MRP, and Product Drawings if you store those images on a network and you have access to the programs.

The Warehousing options provides for forms to receive and to ship products quickly. Receipts are compared to the Purchase Orders to validate that the proper items and quantities are received. Shipments are keyed to the Sales Orders and ship schedules. Each will automatically update the inventory quantities so your detail stays current and accurate.

Key Features:

  • Every Part assigned to a Class or Group for easy reference
  • Every Part assigned to a Cost Class for Costing updates
  • Multiple Warehouses supported
  • Locations company-defined and assigned to a warehouse
  • Units of Measure very flexible – each/piece to thousands, cartons, pounds, kilograms – company can define and link together
  • Company-defined Inventory Transaction Reasons to standardize and group for reporting purposes
  • click to enlargePart Type defined as Raw/Finished/Other to speed part lookups
  • Part has a default Unit of Measure and also allows for Alternate Unit of Measures
  • Flag Part as Purchased/Manufactured/Other
  • Track Revision Letters and Dates
  • Track ECO Letters and Dates
  • Track Stock information – Order Quantity, Lead Times, Safety Stock, Maximum Order Quantity
  • Enter Conversion Options – Pieces per Carton, Pounds per Thousand, Counts per Pound
  • Enter Preferred Vendors in Order
  • Enter Standard or Outside Processing Descriptions
  • Easily view Bill of Material, Routers, Units of Measure, MRP, Pricing and Drawings with simple mouse clicks
  • Parts also provide default GL Account assignments – Sales, Receiving, COGS, Inventory accounts and more
  • Enter Customers purchasing part and reference their part numbers so Sales Orders show your customer’s correct part number.
  • View Transactions for part and history easily – warehouse, location, quantities in and out

click to enlargeclick to enlargeWarehousing

Inbound Shipping Containers

  • Assign Unique Counter
  • Date Shipped, Expected Arrival and Actual Arrival
  • Track all PO’s in the container
  • Track Carton Numbers if assigned
  • Enter actual Container Number
  • See PO Line Details
  • Order Qty vs. Shipped Qty vs. Receipt Qty
  • Number Carton and Case Pack Qty
  • Easily see Qty Differences
  • Receipt Number assigned to Container allows multiple container shipments to be received individually
  • Warehousing - click to enlargePrint Receipt Labels

Receiving Key Features

  • Straight forward receipts entry – system defaults receipt number and date
  • PO Lookup via popup list
  • Enter Receiving Lot numbers in this form
  • Enter receipt quantity – system compares to PO quantity for item
  • View PO with mouse click
  • Print Receipt list quickly
  • View On-Time Receipts compared to scheduled dates
  • Linked back to Container Record if required

Shipping Key Features

  • System assigns Shipment number and ship date
  • Easy entry of Freight Costs
  • Receiving - click to enlargeShip Via based on company defaults
  • Track number of cartons and weight
  • Ship Address defaults to Sales Order but can be overwritten on request
  • Quick entry of quantities from locations
  • Option to Invoice Shipment directly
  • View Sales Order Ship Schedule from Shipper
  • View On-Time Shipments compared to Scheduled Dates
  • Print Shipments quickly – individual or batch process
  • Period Inventory
  • Year End Inventory Processing, including physical tags, reports, and such.
  • Warehouse/Aisle/Rack/Shelf/Bin locations – multiple warehouse ready

Consolidate Shipments

  • System will select all shipments for a distribution center for a customer, by shipment start date, by bill to customer id, of by ship to location
  • Shipping - click to enlargeSort SO’s by order number, ship location or bill to location
  • Summarize by Item number ordered
  • Remove or Add Orders as needed to fill trailer
  • View Number of Units, Number of Cartons, Cube and Weight
  • Print Consolidated Pick Tickets and Order Level Pick Tickets.
  • Scan Picked Cartons to record via wireless scanners
  • System fills detail data tabs to view by Item ordered, by Customer PO number and NMFC Class
  • Auto-Generate Bill of Lading

Bill of Lading

  • Create from Consolidated List or Enter Manually
  • Enter Ship From Warehouse to print correctly on BoL
  • Carrier Selection and Fill SCAC field
  • Consolidate shipments - click to enlargeEnter Trailer Number, Ship/Track number, Seal Number, Pro Number and CAN Code
  • Handles Master BoL
  • Displays all Shipment/SO’s on Trailer
  • Breaks Down BoL by Customer Order Number and by NMFC category
  • See Underlying BoL’s if Master BoL
  • See All Cartons Shipped with Carton Id and/or Pallet Id
  • Print UCC-128 Labels
  • Create EDI 856 ASN’s
  • Print VICS Standard BoL Forms
  • Tracks Setting of Appointment Date and Time, plus variance
  • Handles Entry of Direct Ocean Shipment via Additional Form – Vessel Name, Vessel Number and Destination Port
  • Create Invoices from BoL Record – EDI 810’s and Factor Invoices if required


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