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e-Insight ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning solution designed for the manufacturing industry. e-Insight ERP completely integrates your sales orders, manufacturing processes, and financial information to improve your efficiency and increase your productivity. e-Insight ERP is a scaleable solution, developed in conjunction with industry experts and users, on hardware that is affordable, and will work within your business processes.

ERP is supposed to support your processes, not to control them. With e-Insight ERP, the end result is better control of your business.

e-Insight ERP's powerful features save you time and money:                  

Rapid Deployment Install and begin using e-Insight ERP in a fraction of the time of other systems
Intuitive Data Entry Windows and Menus, Including Data Validation
Scaleable Your growth will not out-grow the system
Revenues  Sales Analysis of Customer contribution to your growth, daily snapshots
Shipments Create Invoices based on daily shipping, consolidated pick tickets, UCC-128/GTIN labels
Invoices Linked to Sales Orders, Handles Factored Invoices
Purchase Orders  See What and How much Ordered on Purchase Orders by Vendor and Parts
Bill of Materials Expand levels to meet your business requirements
Job Orders Route Work Orders through Plant
Costs Maintain control of your material and labor costs
Planning Use MRP Projections to plan PO’s and WO’s
History Drill down to years of history
EDI  Full EDI Processing via FrEDI, including 753/754
Bill of Lading  VICS Standard BoL’s, Manifests, Consolidated Shipping to Distribution Centers
Bar Code  Print Labels via Loftware Print Server, across internet via TCP/IP, over 30 retailers and counting, support most bar code printers
Customize Customize to your specific processes and business practices with full source code


Unified Solutions, Inc.

Unified Solutions and its management have been developers of business management software and services for manufacturing and service industries for over 20 years. Unified Solutions has delivered custom and fully integrated MRP and ERP systems.

Unified Solution’s mission is to provide our customers with a true, win-win partnership by providing outstanding, feature-rich software that offer the best tools available for operating an efficient and more profitable business. We are committed to supporting our products with top quality service, always exceeding our customers' expectations.

The Application Platform

e-Insight ERP solution is built on Revelation Software’s award winning OpenInsight Development environment which enables Unified Solutions to deliver and deploy personalized solutions with the most functionality, best performance and expansion potential to meet the needs of any size manufacturer in the Fastener industry now and tomorrow. It provides features that run on your current hardware platform, resulting in better ROI calculations and virtually eliminates the need of a staff database administrator.

e-Insight ERP can be used as the middle-tier product to access any of your other Windows-based applications, including Microsoft Office and most CAD/CAM solutions.

Technical Features

  • Modular
  • Multi-Level Security with Passwords
  • ActiveX/OLE Compliant
  • XML Ready
  • TCP/IP Remote Access
  • Data Dictionary System
  • Multi-User/Multi-Site Ready
  • Full 32-bit Environment
  • UniCode and ANSI Support
  • Print to HTML and PDF
  • Access any Windows-based data
  • Access SQL2000, Oracle and other databases
  • Use Crystal Reports via ODBC Connector
  • Use Wireless Bar Code Scanners – Windows CE
  • Print Bar Code Labels via Loftware Print Server
  • Print VICS standard Bill of Ladings via SmartBOL
  • Full EDI Processing with Links to FrEDI from User Friendly Systems

System Requirements


  • Windows XP Pro/Vista
  • Pentium III 500Mhz or Better
  • 128MB, 256MB Preferred
  • 40MB Free Hard Disk Space
  • 10/100 NIC, Wireless
  • 800x600 or better Video

File Server:

  • Windows 2003/2008 Server Red Hat Linux 8.0+
  • Pentium IV 750Mhz or Better
  • 1 GB Ram
  • 100 GB Hard Disk
  • 10/100 NIC
  • Tape Backup

Internet Access:

  • DSL or better fulltime connection for remote access

Please contact us for further information or a demo.

OpenInsight is a trademarked product of Revelation Software, Westwood, NJ, e-Insight ERP licensed from InsiTech Group LLC. Cheshire, CT.

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