EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

Unified Solutions specializes in EDI and has for over 17 years.  Our customers are small/mid-size manufacturers and distributors selling to retailers and grocers.
Unified supports and uses frEDI from User Friendly Systems, a robust translator that we use to interface with other software via direct connections or via flat file or csv file and SQL options.

Edit transaction sets we support for versions 4010, 4030, 5010:

810 - Invoice

816 - Organizational Relationships

820 - Payment Order/Remittance Advice

846 - Inventory Advice

850 - Purchase Order

855 -  Purchase Order Acknowledgement

852 - Product Activity Data

856 - Ship Notice/Manifest

860 - Purchase Order Change Request

864 -  Text Message

865 - Purchase Order Change Request Acknowledgement

875 - Order Status

880 - Invoice

984 - Delivery Notice

940 - Warehouse Shipping Order

943 - Warehouse Stock Transfer

944 - Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt

945 - Warehouse Shipping Advice

997 - Functional Acknowledgement


Loftware Label software allows us to build professional and compliant labels for all your requirements.  Any bar code symbology that your customer requires can be built using the Loftware NiceLabel products.  Unified recently became a reseller for NiceLabel.  We are migrating all of our Loftware Label Manager customers to NiceLabel due the the updated interface, flexibility and the Cloud version.

UCC-128 label for your cartons and pallets - we have create 100's of label formats for many retail and grocer and e-commerce sites.
We have generated 1,000's of labels per day using local and remote thermal transfer printers using the Loftware Print Manager product where we create the data content and drop the file into the Loftware controlled folder for immediate printing.

UPC labels for placement on product packaging - clean and compliant UPC labels built to specs.

Other labels based on customer requirements and needs - we will now be building labels supporting color as your customers set new specs that may require the use of color and images using color transfer printers.