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Purchase orders - click to enlargePurchase orders provides a consistent format for ordering product – be it raw materials, finished goods or office supplies. If there are part specific order quantities or lead times, the system will honor those settings.

Purchasing is ‘simplified’ so that the purchasing area can quickly enter new orders and locate prior orders for review or updating. Each order has multiple addresses so that orders can be mailed one place, payments to another, and you can override the ship to location on an as needed basis.

Purchase lines provides for multiple ship dates to be entered, and then tracked. On the same form you can see receipt information to see if the vendor is meeting the required shipping dates. Each line can also have a note attached, viewable from the form, no clicking on a notes icon to see the information.

Key Features:

  • PO Number automatically assigned and is a unique number
  • PO Date defaults to current day
  • Log Buyer and/or Requisitioner Names
  • Ship Via based on expandable table
  • Tax Rate defaults from Company Data
  • Vendor Order Address and Payment Address can be different
  • Ship to address defaults to Company Ship Address, can be overwritten
  • Terms Default to Vendor File
  • PO Type can be Standard Vendor, Outside Processing or Other
  • PO Lines entry - click to enlargeDefine Scheduled Receipt Dates and Quantities for Multiple Shipments
  • See Receipt Information on same form for easy review
  • Notes can be at the header and/or line level
  • See Part Master, MRP Info, Account and Product Drawings from button clicks
  • See Work Orders assigned to line item
  • View Vendor Record and Contact information from Header Form
  • One form for regular PO or Outside Processing PO based on Status
  • Print individual or batch PO’s
  • Receipts process will close PO’s automatically
  • Many predefined reports – all may be modified or new reports added easily
  • Ability to enter extensive Notes to detail how to process production to vendor
  • Link to image files/drawings to view product
  • Copy PO to new PO and adjust details to save time and effort


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