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e-Insight ERP is a comprehensive Business-to-Business ERP solution, encompassing everything from order entry and production planning to full-featured accounting. e-Insight ERP was developed from a manufacturer’s and distribution user’s perspective resulting in a fully functional, user-friendly ERP solution with an intuitive and easy to learn layout.

e-Insight ERP is completely integrated but uses a modular design concept of the business logic that provides flexibility, customizability and enables it to be a solution that can expand and grow with your company. Customizations are coded in a layered format enabling future system upgrades without affecting existing customizations.

e-Insight ERP’s rapid installation time is chiefly required for molding the software to your business rather than changing your business processes to conform to the software.

Systems Features: The e-Insight ERP application uses a very flexible database environment. It supports operation on Windows Servers, Novell Netware and Linux servers. The system is very scaleable and stable. Click here for complete information on system features.

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